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                                                                               2012 Fall SiwZie Awarded Papers



After each workshop or conference, the Conference Committee or Program Committee solicits nominations from the Session or Forum leadership for papers considered to be "the most important to be read by the people who were not able to attend the Workshop or Conference." Nominated papers are then read by the members of the Conference Committee or Program Committee, who vote for the papers considered to be the most significant presented at the workshop.
Below is the list of those papers that have been nominated to receive a 2012 Fall "SIWzie" Award:  The papers are listed in descending order of consensus among the judges.  Equally ranked papers are listed in numerical order. 

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Paper Title



Planning the Standards Landscape: A Framework for Deliberate Interoperability

Jeff Abbott
Dannie Cutts
Kevin Gupton
Robert Lutz


Development of a Distributed Cyber Operations Modeling and Simulation Framework

Henry Marshall
Chris Gaughan
Timothy Good
Joseph McDonnell



A Standards Development Framework for C-ML Phase 2 and Beyond

Kevin Gupton
Kevin Heffner


Calculating & Using Confidence Intervals for Model Validation

Dr. Mikel Petty