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2012 Spring Simulation Interoperability Workshop

sponsored by the

Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization (SISO)

Co-located with the

2012 Spring Simulation Multiconference

sponsored by

The Society for Modeling and Simulation International (SCS)

Florida Mall Conference Center


Orlando, FL

26-30 March 2012

Click the "2012 Spring Joint SCS/SISO Conference" link under "Workshops" on the SISO web page, http://www.sisostds.org for more detailed information.


MONDAY MORNING:  Joint Plenary Session with SCS:  Details to be posted when available. 


An organized series of presentations on topics relevant to Modeling and Simulation professionals.  A web page describing the tutorials being offered during this workshop will be posted on the SISO web site.

Details to be posted when available. 

MONDAY AFTERNOON:  Joint SISO/SCS Reception (5:00 - 7:00 PM) 

Presentations and demonstrations and additional SISO University courses.

Presentations and demonstrations of the SISO/NASA "2012 Space Smackdown" event, with university teams participating in a lunar mission support scenario developed by NASA's  Software Robotics and Simulation Division.

Modeling and Simulation for Cyber Security:  Details will follow soon.  Steve Swenson sswenson@aegistg.com is serving as the primary point of contact.

Other sessions will continue to focus on papers, presentations, and panel  discussions addressing in
teroperability and reuse requirements and issues in various simulation domains; tutorials on state-of-the-art methodologies, tools, and techniques; and relevant exhibits.


RECERTIFICATION UNITS:  If elected via the registration form, this workshop will provide certification

of 2.0 Continuing Education Units (CEUs).  These CEUs also qualify as Recertification Units (RUs) for

Certified Modeling and Simulation Professionals (CMSP) as administered by the Modeling and Simulation

Professional Certification Commission (MSPCC, http://www.SimProfessional.org).


31 Oct 2011        Abstracts due

15 Nov 2011       Abstract accept/reject notifications

06 Jan 2012         Papers due in electronic form

23 Jan 2012         Paper accept/reject notifications

20 Feb 2012        Final electronic copy of papers/presentations due

28 Feb 2012        Early registration and hotel registration deadline

15 Mar 2012       Powerpoint presentations due

26 Mar Spring     Spring SIW opens

PAPER ABSTRACTS: The Workshop invites papers and presentations relating to distributed simulation standards, applications, technologies, interoperability issues, and other topics identified below and on the SISO web site.  Abstracts are reviewed and selected by Planning and Review Panels (PRPs) and leaders of the individual Forums and Groups.  Abstract and paper format requirements are described in the Author's Guide posted on the SISO web site.

PRESENTATION ABSTRACTS:  In addition to formal paper presentations, abstracts are solicited for formal presentations, panel discussions, and poster presentations on the topics listed above.  The format requirements for these presentations are flexible.  See the submission information on the SISO web site.
EXPERIENCE WITH SISO STANDARDS:  SISO invites papers and presentations that report on experiences with SISO-developed standards and guidelines.  We are looking for feedback (positive or negative) on the utility of our products.


Papers and presentations are considered in three main categories:

  • User Community Forums, which examine and promote topics of
  • M&S users.
  • Specialty Area Forums, which examine and promote current and
    emerging simulation processes and technology.
  • Special Sessions, which deal with topics that merit timely solicitation of feedback from the SISO community.

For a detailed list of the Tracks and Forums, Study Groups, and Product Development Groups meeting at this workshop, and their specific interest areas and plans, see the corresponding links at http://www.sisostds.org under "Workshops > Tracks and Forums" and "Standards Activities".

  Many of us work closely on a daily basis with our customers as members of integrated teams. Even so, we sometimes overlook the significant contributions of our government customers to our successes, including those that we proudly describe in our SIW papers. As you make plans to submit your abstracts and papers to SIW, please ask yourself whether you might have overlooked your customer's contributions and whether they would appreciate participating in writing and presenting the paper.

TECHNICAL EXHIBITS AND DEMONSTRATIONS:  From Monday through Wednesday, several organizations will provide exhibits and demonstrations of materials, software, and equipment relevant to modeling and simulation applications. The exhibit/demonstration area will be open during breaks and during the Monday evening reception.

SPONSORSHIP AND ORGANIZATIONAL MEMBERSHIP:  SISO Sponsorship provides a means for organizations to gain representation and benefits in partnership with the activities and operation of SISO. Sponsors enjoy the following privileges:
  • Printing of Sponsor's corporate logos on SISO flyers and printed material
  • Display of logos and links from the SISO web site to the Sponsor's web site
  • 10% Discount on SISO registration fees
  • Invitations to lunch with SISO leadership and plenary speakers

SISO Organizational Membership includes all benefits of sponsorship, as well as

  • Specified numbers of individual memberships (new or renewal), depending
    on the level of Organizational Membership
  • Options to purchase pre-paid blocks of registrations at substantial discounts
  • 25% (rather than 10%) discounts on exhibit booths for Sustaining,
    Principal, and Strategic Organizational Members
  • Meetings with SISO leadership to discuss the Organization's experiences in
  • interacting with SISO and any recommendations they may have regarding
    SISO activities or standards

Organizations may also help sponsor the reception held at the end of the opening day of the workshop, or a day of coffee breaks.  The reception enables sponsors to meet and talk with the other attendees in a casual atmosphere of food and drink.  For information on becoming a SISO Sponsor or Organizational Member, contact Duncan Miller, dmiller@sisostds.org.

DOD PARTICIPATION: The Office of the Secretary of Defense has reviewed the plans for this Workshop and issued the following determination: "The Department of Defense finds this event meets the minimum regulatory standards for attendance by DoD employees. This finding does not constitute a blanket approval or endorsement for attendance.  Individual DoD Component commands or organizations are responsible for approving attendance of its DoD employees based on mission requirements and DoD regulations."

SITE AND ACCOMMODATIONS:  The Workshop will be held at the Florida Mall Conference Center, Orlando, FL.  Guest rooms will be available to ALL registrants at the prevailing US government per diem rate up to the cutoff date (28 Feb 2012).  Make your conference reservations via the link on the 2012 Spring SIW page or by contacting IEEE MCM at 1-800-810-4333 (in the U.S. or Canada), +732-981-3414 (outside the U.S. or Canada), or by faxing your request to 732-465-6447.  There is a direct link to the hotel reservation system on the same page.

REGISTRATION FEES:   Note that the early registration deadline (and the deadline for the special hotel rate) is 28 Feb 2012.  Fees range from $625 for early registration with a sponsor discount through $795 for full-rate registration on-site.  Student registrations are available at a 50% discount, with proof of valid, current status as a full-time university undergraduate or graduate student.SISO CONFERENCE COMMITTEE

Conference Committee:
Steve Swenson (Chair)

Margaret Loper (Vice Chair)

Jim Coolahan (Secretary)

Marcy Stutzman (SAC Vice Chair)

Sarah Epps

David Graham

Carl Hein

Shel Ocasio

Victor Romanov

Austin Stoudenmire

Terry Westley