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                                                                                                               2013 Spring SIW                                                                              

Below is the list of those papers that have been nominated to receive a 2013 Spring "SIWzie" Award.   The papers are listed in descending order of consensus among the judges.  Equally ranked papers are   listed in numerical order. 

13S-SIW-022        Towards a Maritime Domain Extension to Coalition Battle Management Language:  Initial Findings and Way Forward
    Hakan Savaşan, Turkish Naval Forces Command
    Akay Cağlayan, Turkish Naval Forces Command
    Faruk Yıldız, Turkish Naval Forces Command
Dr.  Ulrich Schade, Fraunhofer FKIE
                                Bastian Haarmann, Fraunhofer FKIE
    Ole Martin Mevassvik, FFI (Norwegian Defence Research Establishment)
    Geir Sletten, FFI (Norwegian Defence Research Establishment) 
Dr. Kevin Heffner, Pegasus Simulation Systems Inc.
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Extended  FOM Module Merging Capabilities
Björn Möller, Pitch
Andy Bowers, Mitre Corporation
Mikael Karlsson, Pitch
                                Björn Löfstrand, Pitch
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13S-SIW-031      Lessons Learned from NMSG-085 CIG Land Operation Demonstration
Bruno Gautreau, Cassidian
                             Thomas Remmersmann, Fraunhofer FKIE
                             Maj. Daniel Muniz, Instituto Technologico
                             Tello Serrano, Instituto Technologico
                             Henk Henderson, TNO Defence, Security and Safety
Nico de Reus, TNO Defence, Security and Safety
Lionel Khimeche, DGA
Jerome Martinet, MASA
Edkhart Pedersen, Systematic
Jesper Lillesoe, Systematic
                             Maj. Desmond Liberg, Defense Materiel Organization (DMO)
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                            Congratulations to the authors of these SIWzie Awarded papers!