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Fall 2014
Simulation Interoperability Workshop (SIW)

Call for Papers
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The Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization (SISO) invites you to participate in the Fall 2014 Simulation Interoperability Workshop (SIW) in Orlando Florida, on September 8-12, 2014.  This year’s theme is:   
Modeling and Simulation – A Catalyst for Solving Tomorrow's Challenges

SISO is dedicated to the promotion of interoperability and reuse of models, simulations, and associated data for the benefit of program managers, engineers, developers, users, and Modeling and Simulation (M&S) professionals worldwide.  In addition to our Fall 2014 theme, the SIW is focused on three core tracks:

1. Acquisition Lifecycle and Technology Transfer
2. Services, Processes, Tools, and Data 
3. M&S Specialty Topics *

*Our thrust areas for M&S Specialty Topics this year center on the application of M&S for 
• Cyber Warfare, 
• Space, and 
• Future Training. 

One of the major components of the SIW event also includes SISO University.   Through tutorials offered at SIW, subject matter experts in their field provide relevant and fresh training to help keep our community sharp in the arena of M&S as it relates to interoperability, reuse and systems engineering.   

Key Dates:
3 May 2014                  Abstracts Due Electronically
9 May 2014                  Abstract Accept/Reject Notifications     
13  Jun 2014                Papers Due Electronically         
07 July 2014                Paper Accept/Reject Notifications         
07 Aug 2014                Final Paper Revisions Due        
22 Aug 2014                PowerPoint Presentations Due  
8-12 Sept 2014            Simulation Interoperability Workshop – Orlando, Florida

The Fall 2014 SIW provides an excellent opportunity for M&S professionals, entrepreneurs and visionaries to connect and collaborate in the development of standardization products that capture and formalize best practices, lessons learned, and professional experiences.  Our common goal is to advance the use of models, simulations, and associated data to better support the needs of communities such as acquisition, analysis, cyber, experimentation, intelligence, medical, planning, test and evaluation, training, and virtual games.

Submission Instructions:
We invite you to submit an abstract for a Paper or a new Tutorial centered on this year's theme and oriented toward any of our core tracks described in greater detail below.  Please submit your abstract, paper and presentation to the SISO web site at

1. Acquisition Lifecycle and Technology Transfer encompasses information that provides guidance on the selection and use of M&S standards and practices to support the Acquisition Lifecycle to include the following subtopics:    
• ARD&E – Analysis/Research, Development and Engineering focuses on interoperability and uses of distributed models and simulations by the analysis community.
• MGMT – Management of M&S Assets focuses on activities associated with management of models,simulations, M&S tools, M&S data/metadata, and other M&S-related assets.  
• T&E – Test and Evaluation addresses issues and uses of distributed simulation in test and evaluation (T&E).
• TRAIN – Train focuses on issues associated with using simulations to support acquisition of knowledge, skills,behaviors, and attitudes through education, training, and performances support. 
• SLC – System Life Cycle focuses on M&S and related enablers of integrated, collaborative enterprises for system/vehicle or weapon system product development, particularly from a life cycle wide, mission capability/system-of-systems perspective.

2. Services, Processes, Tools, and Data encompass technologies, frameworks, and methodologies that provide service or support for modeling and simulation.
• DSPT – Distributed Simulation Process and Tools focuses on evolving a generalized system engineering process for developing and executing distributed simulations, and on the tools used for automating various aspects of distributed simulations.
• VV&S – Verification, Validation, and Accreditation focuses on methodologies, procedures, and associated techniques used to establish credibility of models and simulations for specific intended uses.  
• CFI – Communication Frameworks and Infrastructure focuses on technologies that support interoperation and run-time execution of distributed simulations.
• SER – Simulation and Environment Reuse Forum addresses proposed standards for multi-domain use and reuse of digital representations, models, simulations, and infrastructure.

3. M&S Specialty Topics include simulation technologies for a specific purpose such as system/vehicle or weapon product development, space, human behavior, or command and control systems.  Our thrust areas for M&S Specialty Topics this year center on the application of M&S for Cyber Warfare, Space and Future Training.   Additional forums we have in this area include the following:
• Space – facilitates efforts to move off the planet.  The SISO space forum will elicit practical suggestions for bridging NASA/KSC advanced visualization simulation for operations and the MS&T community.
• HSM – Human Systems Modeling addresses the challenges of modeling human behaviors.  The HSM Forum is interested in models, data, and integration frameworks that can help determine requirements for standardization that will promote enterprise-wide integration, application, and validation of human social, cultural, and behavioral models.  
• C4ISR – Command & Control M&S Service Forum addresses standards to ensure interoperability when coupling simulation C2 Systems; standards to ensure composability when integrating simulation components and C2 components into a common framework; and standards to represent C2 systems and the underlying infrastructure within simulation applications.

September 8 – 12, 2014
Florida Mall Conference Center
Orlando, Florida

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