C2/M&S - Command & Control/M&S Services Forum

For the 2012 elections the C2/M&S Services Forum will add the technical elements of the IO-ISR Forum which is being dissolved. The forum addresses standards to ensure interoperability when coupling simulation and C2 systems; standards to ensure composability when integrating simulation components and C2 components into a common framework; and standards to represent C2 systems and the underlying infrastructure within simulation applications. The C2/M&S Services Forum is looking for papers dealing with:

  • M&S use with, and integration into, Command and Control of robotic forces; their employment, situational awareness, and integration into a Real and Robotic battlespace
  • M&S based C2 services/applications for operational, analysis and support purposes
  • Modeling of communications effects
  • Metadata/Data Interchange Standards
  • Use of Battle Management Language (BML) and its variants; the Command and Control Information Exchange Data Model (C2IEDM) and/or C2IEDM Extensions
  • Simulation use in support of Systems Engineering, Test and Evaluation, and Assessment of C2 systems and services
  • Modeling and Simulation (M&S) Services Development and use in a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Network Centric services/Web-Based services
2013 Spring/Fall - C2M&S Services Planning & Review Panel


Wayne Lindo 
Booz Allen Hamilton

Vice Chair:

Tim DiVecchia 
Integrity Applications Inc


Sara Meyer
453 EWS/EWO 


Curtis Blais
NPS MOVES Institute

John Daly
Booz Allen Hamilton
Joseph Kovalchik
Johns Hopkins Univ/APL
Thomas Mullins

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