CFI - Communication Frameworks and Infrastructure Forum
The Communication, Frameworks, and Infrastructure (CFI) forum focuses on technologies that support interoperation and run-time execution of distributed simulations. Historical examples include the HLA Run-Time Infrastructure (RTI), DIS, ALSP, and SPEEDES. The Forum will also consider new and alternate infrastructure concepts, such as web-based technologies. Topics include performance data, implementation and design details, usage strategies, networking techniques, fault tolerance, security considerations, and middleware or other frameworks for constructing, utilizing, or extending simulation infrastructure.
2013 Spring/Fall - CFI Planning & Review Panel


Paul Lowe
The Boeing Co

Vice Chair:

John F. Fay 
Jacobs Technology Inc.



Omar Hasan
Dignitas Technologies


Carl Hein 
Lockheed Martin 
Katherine L. Morse

(2 vacancies for 2014)     

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