Services, Processes, Tools, and Data (SVCS) Track
This track encompasses technologies, frameworks, and methodologies that provide services or support for models, simulations, and associated data.  Areas of interest include distributed simulation process and tools; verification, validation, and accreditation processes and implementation; communications frameworks and infrastructure; and simulation and environment reuse. The SVCS track merges these four previous conference forums:

  • DSPT          Distributed Simulation Process and Tools

  • VV&A        Verification, Validation, and Accreditation

  • CFI             Communication Frameworks and Infrastructure

  • SER            Simulation and Environment Reuse

Randy Saunders

Vice Chair:
Jean-Louis Igarza
Antycip Simulation


Planning Review Panel Members

Jake Borah 
Robert Lutz    
Katherine L. Morse 
Robert Siegfried 
Simone Youngblood 

AEgis Technologies  
aditerna GmbH 








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