Human Systems Modeling
Human Systems Modeling addresses the challenges of modeling human behaviors and organizations from the individual level through higher social and cultural structures. Addressing the individual and organizational human dimension in warfare, homeland defense, crisis management, economics, politics and other social dimensions is arguably the greatest challenge facing modeling and simulation today. The HSM Forum is interested in models, data, and integration frameworks that can help determine requirements for standardization that can promote enterprise-wide integration, execution, and validation of human social, cultural, and behavioral models. The forum addresses simulation standards that enable multi-national, multi-domain, multi-agency interoperability between a broad range of military and civilian simulation infrastructures. The HSM forum focus includes predictive and descriptive models for analysis, research and development, test and evaluation, decision support, training, and education. Papers and presentations of interest include all aspects of human systems modeling, including simulation and data relating to modeling human elements of: Stability Operations; Asymmetric Warfare; Counter-Insurgency; Counter-Terrorism; United Nations Peacekeeping Operations; Border Security; Bio-Security; Infrastructure Protection; Emergency Preparedness, Response, and Recovery; National Response Framework (NRF); National Incident Management System (NIMS); Emergency Medical Services; National Information Exchange Model (NIEM); Common Alert Protocol (CAP); Law Enforcement; Fire Protection; and Crowd Behavior. The 2012 elections will unify concerns formerly addressed by the Human Social Culture Behavior Modeling – Crisis Management and Societal Security (HSCB-CMSS) forum and the human side of the Information Operations and Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (IO-ISR) forum.

2013 Spring/Fall - HSM Planning & Review Panel


Curtis Blais  
NPS, MOVES Institute  

Vice Chair:

Carl Hein
Lockheed Martin


Sara Meyer 
453 EWS/EWO    


Jane Bachman
Naval Surface Warfare Ctr    

Douglas Reece

(1 vacancy for 2014)

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 CMSS and HSCB Merged - 2010
The CMSS Forum merged into the HSCB Forum for the 2010 elections and is authorized eight (8) members . Members shown below are HSCB Forum members. Current CMSS Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary are Bill Beavin*, Per Gustavsson*, and Jim Coolahan respectively. A consolidated description will be developed.