MGMT - Management of M&S Assets Forum

New forum approved 10 April 2013 based upon previous SIW interest as a Trial Forum...

The Management of M&S Assets (MGMT) forum focuses on all activities associated with the management of models, simulations, M&S tools, M&S data/metadata, and other M&S-related assets.  It is intended to provide a forum in which managers of M&S assets can discuss common issues related to sustainment of those assets, users of M&S assets can discuss common issues associated with discovery and use of M&S assets, and providers of M&S asset discovery tools can discuss mechanisms to inform the M&S user community on the availability and capabilities of M&S assets.  Topics of interest include policies and processes for M&S asset management; sustainment strategies for broadly-needed government-supported M&S assets; catalogs, registries, repositories, and associated tools for the discovery of M&S assets; metadata for describing M&S assets; and business models for deployment and use of M&S assets.

2013 Spring/Fall - MGMT Planning & Review Panel

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