SLC - System Life Cycle Forum
The System Life Cycle (SLC) forum focuses on M&S and related enablers of integrated, collaborative enterprises for system/vehicle or weapon system product development, particularly from a life-cycle wide, mission capability/system-of-systems perspective. Topics of interest include policy, processes, tool suite strategies, information management, global commercial operations, and enterprise process simulations, collaboration/optimization means and work force implications. The latter include but are not limited to executable models of work flow, manufacturing, distribution, transportation and customer, patient, crowd, or traffic flow. Priority is on actual, broadly-applicable experiences in these areas.
2013 Spring/Fall - SLC Planning & Review Panel


Timothy Jahren
Raytheon  Company

Vice Chair:

Kenneth Konwin  
Booz Allen Hamilton


William Beavin
The Boeing Company   


James Coolahan
Johns Hopkins University/APL
John F. Fay
Jacobs Technology, Inc


(1 vacancy for 2014)

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 SMAS Forum Formed - Apr 07
SAPD, VWS, and LOG were merged into the System Management and Support (SMAS) Forum; seven authorized members elected during the 2007 election cycle.

 Name Changed - Mar 09 
SMAS Forum name changed to SLC Forum.