The TRAIN forum focuses on issues associated with using simulations to support the acquisition of knowledge, skills, behaviors, and attitudes through education, training, and performance support.  We solicit papers addressing simulation-based learning in industry, academia, and government (including the DOD), particularly those identifying interoperability or standards shortfalls or requirements.  Special interest topics:  (1) simulation support of all aspects of integrated Live, Virtual, and Constructive (LVC), Distributed Mission Operations (DMO), and Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) training event programs; (2) management and allocation of education, training, and performance support (e.g., embedded training, Computer-Based Training, automated performance assessment, mission rehearsal, Course of Action analysis, etc.); (3) simulation support to training events associated with Small Scale Contingencies (SSCs), Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT), Support and Stability Operations (SASO), and other related combat and non-combat activities; (4) single vs multi-player/student training issues or lessons learned (individual vs collective/team simulation-based learning) and; (5) game and game technology support to training events.
2013 Spring/Fall - TRAIN Planning & Review Panel


Scott Johnston 
Booz Allen Hamilton 

Vice Chair:

Eugene Stoudenmire
Alion Science & Tech


Orris  Hambleton 
USAF SieCorp, Inc.


Wink Bennett

John Jinkerson
CAE USA Inc                 
 Sara Meyer
Michael Woodman 
Bohemia Interactive Simulations

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