2004 Euro SIW

 2004 European Simulation Interoperability Workshop

Edinburgh, Scotland
June 28 - July 1, 2004

 The 2004 Euro SIW is an event encompassing a broad range of model and simulation issues, applications and communities. It will consist of tutorials on the state-of-the-art methodologies, tools and techniques; topical survey sessions as well as a series of forums addressing interoperability issues and proposed solutions.

Special thanks to our local organizer: Bae Systems
From this Conference...

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 2004 Euro"SIWzie" Awarded Papers

Below is the list of those papers that have been selected to receive a 2004 Euro"SIWzie" Award. The papers are listed in descending order of consensus among the judges. 
Equally ranked papers are listed in numerical order.


Where Next for Composability of Models and Simulations? 
Dr. Paul Davis, RAND 
Dr. Robert Anderson, RAND
04E-SIW-057.pdf Genetic Context Learning - Automatic behavior modeling from observed human performance 
Sven Eklund, Dalarna University 
Hans Fernlund, Dalarna University 
Avelino Gonzalez, University of Central Florida
04E-SIW-016.pdf Moving towards a Lingua Franca for M&S and C3I - Developments concerning the C2IEDM 
Dr. Andreas Tolk, VMASC
04E-SIW-010.pdf Management of Simulation Cloning in HLA-based Distributed Simulations 
Dan Chen, Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology 
Stephen Turner, School of Computer Engineering, Nanyang Technological University 
Boon Ping Gan, Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology 
Dr. Malcolm Yoke Hean Low, Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology 
Junhu Wei, School of Computer Engineering, Nanyang Technological University 
Wentong Cai, School of Computer Engineering, Nanyang Technological University
04E-SIW-071.pdf HLA Compliance Certification: Lessons learned from the US past activity and current developments within NATO and PfP nations 
Mark Crooks, ALION/ DMSO Support 
Dr. Jean-Louis Igarza, DGA/STTC/ DT/ SC 
Staffan Lof, PITCH 
Philomena Zimmerman, RDECOM, Army Materiel Command 
Chris Turrell, DMSO
04E-SIW-037.pdf The Euclid RTP 11.13 SE Development & Exploitation Process (SEDEP) 
Dr. Keith Ford, Thales Training & Simulation Ltd.
04E-SIW-044.pdf Towards an Ontology of Physics 
Dr. Joseph B. Collins, Naval Research Laboratory 
Doug Clark, GARD Associates, LLC
04E-SIW-004.pdf OneSAF: Tools and Processes Promoting and Supporting a Distributed Development Environment for a Multi-Domain Modeling and Simulation Community 
Doug Parsons, PEO Simulation, Training & Instrumentation 
Robert L. Wittman, Jr., Mitre